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5,000 movies and 35,000 songs later, iROKO Partners is the world’s foremost provider of online African content

iROKO Partners started in December 2010, when Jason Njoku couldn’t find any Nollywood movies online for his mother. Having realised how popular Nollywood was, he thought it inconceivable that something so popular was so inaccessible. He flew to Lagos, immersed himself in the hustle and raw capitalism of Alaba Market [where the business of Nollywood is done], connected with the industry’s producers and actors and started purchasing the online licences for their movies.

Having negotiated Africa’s first content partnership deal with YouTube, the company streamed full-length Nollywood movies online, under the name of Nollywood Love. The Diaspora couldn’t get enough and Nollywood Love was an overnight success. In January 2012, the company launched its own movie streaming platform, iROKOtv and reached 500,000 registered users in under 6 months.

In December 2011, iROKO Partners moved into the Nigerian music scene and iROKING was born. The platform showcases the most awesome West African singers and manages and monetizes the video YouTube sites for many of the industry’s top artists.

Our Platforms

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From movies and music, to backstage red-carpet interviews with Africa’s top celebrities, iROKO Partners’ companies are showing Africa’s best content to a global audience. Whether it’s Jim Iyke’s brand new movie, to 2Face’s latest music video – iROKO Partners has a beautifully designed platform tailored for legally sourced, quality content.


Nigerian cinema, colloquially known as ‘Nollywood’, is arguably the most popular content across sub-Saharan Africa. In less than 15 years it has become the second largest film industry in the world (by output) producing some 2,000 films each year. It is also Nigeria’s second largest industry, generating over $590m a year and employing over 200,000 people in the country.

Piracy and copyright infringements are a serious issue in Nollywood – estimates suggest that up to 50% of producers’ revenues are lost to pirates. iROKO Partners tirelessly battles online piracy, investing tens of thousands of dollars each year in shutting down illegal sites, ensuring that movie producers’ intellectual property is protected.

No-one loves African content like we do and we are setting it free

Jason Njoku

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